Dear Trade Professionals,

As a contractor, builder or developer you are special to us. We have a special program for you. We want to assist you in getting these kitchen projects. We want to provide a level of service that you won't get from the big box stores. We are willing to assist you in any way to close these deals.

It begins with deep discount pricing. This can help you put together a competitive price for your client renovation projects. These price schemes are not available to the public, only to contractors. We can handle a single kitchen or multiple units, and of course the bigger the project, the better the price.

But it not all about pricing. We want to be a partner with you in executing the kitchen project. You will still receive professional design service. We can also assist in managing the installation of the project.  Or if you need a complete package with installation, we can provide that as well. Basically, we are willing to assist in any way we can for you to get the kitchen project and to execute the renovation.

We have the product to satisfy your projects. Our products range from RTA (ready to assemble) to custom made and even stainless steel cabinets.

If you have a project that needs designing and priced call us right away.  We can give you a great price and unmatched service.

Thank you,

Rick Talens