JSI cabinets are fantastic RTA line of cabinets.  They come unassembled all in one box, or we can assemble them for you.  They have a large selection of door styles with three grades of a cabinet.  They are in stock cabinets and with a very short delivery time.  Their deluxe line has all the high-end features.  Plywood box construction, 3/4 solid maple face frame, drawer fronts and door frames.  Soft-close feature with the drawer slide and all swing doors.  Their Craftmans series is unbeatable in price, great value for around $1200 for a 10X10 kitchen.

Choice Cabinet is a great value in stock cabinets.  They have three grades of cabinetry, but with all three cabinets constructed with a minimum 1/2 in plywood.  Their Premier line has all the high-end features, beautiful multi-layer had rubbed finishes, full overlay door style, 5/8 plywood box construction, with 3/4 solid stock hardwood face frame, drawer fronts and door frames.  The drawer box is 5/8 solid stock maple with dovetail joinery, full extension drawer slides with a soft-close feature.  They also have a Basic and Essential lines.  It is still all plywood box construction but will a limited door style and lower grade drawer box and guides.  Click on their icon, it will link you to their website.